Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Apply for a Replacement of SSS ID

IMPORTANT: I am not an SSS employee. This is my experience in applying for another SSS ID. SSS-related inquiries must be sent to your nearest SSS branch.

When a woman gets married and changes her surname to that of her husband, all of her identification should also be changed. It's what I'm doing now, changing all my IDs to my married name. I think one of the most important ID to have in the Philippines is the SSS ID. So, I need to replace mine.

Here's what I've done to apply for a replacement SSS ID.


  1. Download SSS form E-6 from the SSS website.

  2. Fill-out the required fields. See below. Highlighted fields are required.

3. Since I'm changing my name to my married name in the ID, I photocopied our Marriage Contract as proof.

4. Prepare two IDs accepted by SSS. Tip: Read the list of accepted IDs at the back (or page 2) of the E-6 form.


  1. Go to the SSS Memebers Assistance Center (MAC) in East Ave., Quezon City.

  2. Get a ticket number from Booth 6. You can never miss this booth giving the ticket numbers.

  3. Wait in one of the chairs in the "Evaluation" section of MAC. An SSS employee calls the numbers and to which booth they will line up. At 8:30am, I was #289. Numbers 160-165 are being served by one booth. After an hour, my number was called.

  4. Give the following to the SSS evaluator: E-6, supporting document (mine is the Marriage Contract) and the valid ID(s).

  5. Since I'm applying for a replacement ID, I have to pay P150. The SSS evaluator staples my old SSS ID to the E-6. Then, the evaluator gives a payment form and a letter and instructs me to go to the Treasury Building (the building outside MAC) and return to her booth.

  6. Fill-out the payment form (4 copies). Use the carbon papers in the payment section of the Treasury Building.

  7. Show your documents to the SSS teller. Pay the replacement fee of P150.

  8. Go back to the booth which evaluated my E-6. The evaluator writes something to my E-6.

  9. After evaluation, go to booth 39 for the appointment slip for the picture capture.

  10. In Booth 39, the SSS employee will do a final check on the E-6 and give a paper with the date and time for the picture capture. Mine is on May 27.

  11. Finish.


  • Use black ink pen in filling out SSS forms.

  • You can go to your nearest SSS branch and have them evaluate your E-6. So, when you go to SSS MAC, you do not need to wait long for evaluation.

  • Your company's SSS number is not required in E-6.

  • Bring the original copy of the support document that you are submitting.

  • Bring something to read/play with while waiting.

  • SSS opens at 7am, so you can go there early.

  • Keep the E-6 and payment slip in a safe place. You will have to bring them when you go back to SSS for the picture capture.

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